Shop Kindly Promise

Shop Kindly is a totally vegan supermarket offering everyone the opportunity to shop 100% plant based groceries and household products. All in one place and now online. No more having to read ingredients, asking the vendor if it’s vegan and cruelty free or explaining what makes a product vegan. It’s this very frustrating experience that drove us to start the Shop Kindly project.

The Vegan Economy

The Planet Friendly Economy

We choose plant based products for a combination of reasons ranging from animal welfare, health and environment. However, accessibility to plant based products and services has played a significant role in fueling the growth of the planet friendly economy. You, the thoughtful customers are the backbone of this planet friendly economy. Working with suppliers and customers that put planet before habits and taste will provide the financial encouragement to us and our suppliers fuelling entrants to bring on more plant based products and services. Let's be thoughtful together. 

Create vegan jobs

Demand, Supply and Price

There’s a common misconception that vegan products are expensive and which makes being a thoughtful buyer harder for most. At Shop Kindly, not only do we work with sellers to keep the cost of their products reasonable, but we also help sellers forecast expected sales. We believe this will offer the confidence to make purchases in bulk allowing them to pass on the savings to end users and eventually planet friendly shopping will be the new norm. 

Personality & Character

Customer service and Shopping experience

Given the unexpected times that we live in and with plenty of uncertainty on the health, legal, economy, and on our suppliers front, order fulfilment promises can change. At Shop Kindly, we will try our level best to make sure your products are delivered to you as fully and on time whenever possible. In situation where we are unable to meet your expectations, we will communicate well ahead but please feel free to reach out if the nature of your query is urgent.